Tuesday, 13 August 2013

feeling pugilistic

Sometimes I wonder what on earth I'm thinking of, doing an exhibition. Five years ago, I wasn't even painting, and believed that I would never draw or paint again. I never expected to do paintings like the ones that I'm showing. I don't even know what I think of them, though I do know that as I made them, my life began to change.

There seems to be an instinctive impulse to share the things that use us to create them. This morning it occurs to me, as well, that one reason that I'm having this show is simply to say YES to whatever it is that has formed itself. To show up in my life, and to say, well, this is just how it is. I give up on fantasies of brilliance, or fantasies of awfulness, both of which prevent anything from happening at all. I don't believe that this stuff is good, and I don't believe that it's bad. It's itself. And it wants to be seen, as itself.


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