Saturday, 27 October 2012

my manifesto

1.    Respect the delicacy and unknown nature of your soul.
2.    Prioritise the making of space for exploration of the fact that you have a soul in the first place.
3.   If you can’t see or hear or feel it, never mind. Make the space anyway.
4.   Accept the possible boredom, quietness, apparent non-productivity of contact with the soul.
5.   Never force or push things. Listen and wait. It will not appear unless the conditions are right.
6.     If something feels bad, stop immediately [whether soul work, or any other kind of work].
7.   There’s no time in the land of the soul. This means that you have no need to hurry and that your mortality is not relevant [at the moments that you make contact, you know this to be true].
8.   Don’t try to do this all alone. Keep contact with your tribe. Ask and share.
9.   Try to practice gentleness at all times.
10.   Bump soul-space-making up your agenda, until it reaches the top.
11.  Watch out for your saboteurs. In my case, frustration, resentment, impatience at anything which interferes with this process.
12.   Be realistic about material maintenance requirements. Pretending they don’t exist only leads to inner trouble.
13.   Make sure material maintenance requirements stay at the correct position on your agenda. Be alert to the way your fear tries to push them up to the top.
14.   Practice patience, space-making and love.
15.   Trust that your body and your soul always know what to do, at any moment [if you listen].
16.   Build this trust. In time it will replace pushing and forcing.
17.   If you feel lost, have faith in this process and in your community.
18.   Put your heart on the ground a lot, all day long.
19.   Listen to your own breathing.
20.  Tend your life force like a sacred flame.


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