Wednesday, 10 October 2012

massive insight

I've just had what feels like a massive insight. I know, it probably won't seem any such thing to you. But I've just had my creativity group (formally known as Artist's Way group) at which I forced myself to sing. I want to be able to sing. I sing at home all the time. And yet as soon as I'm singing for an audience, my voice goes all peculiar. So this was an attempt to try to begin to normalise the situation.

It was piano instead of a keyboard or electric piano. It was loud and unwieldy and I had no idea how to get a nice chord transition without being able to control the volume. My voice was wavery as a ferret. And afterwards, it hit me. It's ok to be mediocre. That's it. That's my big insight. It's ok to be mediocre. It's ok not to impress people, not to be proficient, not to wow them, not to get a big reaction. It's ok not to be holding it all together, it's ok to be seen as nothing special.

It's ok to be seen, being imperfect. 

Join the human race. And find something out about something that, one day, I might be able to do a bit better.

How did I think I was going to get better at anything without an inbetween stage???


  1. How cool is that!!!? And by singing of all things.

    “One certainly does not rise above the mark by despising what is mediocre. In my opinion one must begin at least by having some respect for the mediocre and know that it means something, and that it is only reached with great difficulty.” -Van Gogh in a letter to his brother.

  2. Awww, Jim, thank you! This coming out of hiding thing seems to be where it's at!



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