Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Finally back from my travels. I was right about needing input from the outside, about needing stimulation. I devoured the British Museum, which did more for me than galleries. Looking at paintings gave me ideas about paint, about things I didn't like. Sometimes it was exciting, sometimes even pointing somewhere. But the British Museum connected me to my own place. The place where things come from.

Little recap for the beginning of 2011....The purpose of this blog is to explore the nature of the creative process, as both a lived experience, and in terms of writings and other forms of analysis. I include images to make the blog visual, and sometimes as a kind of commentary/outcome of a process I might be discussing. It's not intended as a gallery, neither are the images of 'finished pieces'. If you're interested in seeing more of the results of the process, the exploringcreativity photostream link on the right will take you to a regularly updated flickr site.

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