Tuesday, 15 February 2011

nothing is original

Stunning quote from Jim's blog. We talked about authenticity in the group just the other day. We were wondering whether authenticity (which as an ex-academic I can scarcely write without putting in inverted commas...) was somehow behind creative works that we liked. I started wondering whether you can somehow feel the intention of, say, an artist, in what they produce. I believe that I can see that a lot of work in small galleries around where I live, for example, has been produced 'to sell'. It just screams at me somehow.

Linking Jim's quote here to yesterday's post, how about the idea that people who manage to create things are not necessarily unstable/mad/ill, or even particularly sensitive. What if they are just simply more audacious; having more confidence to steal freely, and perhaps also more connected, in the sense that they are able to, and the take the time to, acknowledge what speaks to their soul?

By the way, if you're getting sick of me referencing Jim all the time, post me a comment!


  1. Putting "authenticity" in inverted commas
    The very essence of academia



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