Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Daily rituals

This book looks like a mine of alternative realities (in the sense of what creative people actually do, rather than what perhaps we think they do, or should do...).

I  particularly like this bit in this overview:

So many behaviors in the book are ways to take a break. You can’t just work constantly on something that requires a high degree of focus and creative energy, whether it’s writing or composing or painting. No one can do it nonstop for hours on end. Taking a nap and drinking coffee were typical. Igor Stravinsky would do a headstand. Thomas Wolfe had the weird fondling-himself habit. Walking seems the most common, especially among composers. Composers all seemed to take a long walk every day.

I've learnt it from my body, over and over, but my mind still tries to tell me that I should be drawing or painting all day long. Even though I know it doesn't work for me...

What is this nonsense, why is it in our culture???


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