Friday, 1 November 2013

painting people working

It's hard to have any idea where to start reporting on my recent Discipline of Freedom workshop with Paul Oertel. I thought I might start by posting these pictures which were made while people were working. This is a unique form of painting, for me anyway, that has slowly developed over the last year or so. In the image above, Daniel Mandel was working with Paul on a song - a very melodic and beautiful song - and the work went on long enough for me to go on working the painting for some time. Before this one, he sang a different song which looked like this:

This allowed me to experiment with the feel of the voice and the melody, and the overall flow, before working on the longer piece.

The next one is of a piece of work where someone was dealing with a lot of unprocessed pain, which was an incredible and moving piece of work by Paul and the participant.

The one that follows was a dance piece by two people, moving to very earthy sounding provided by voice and viola.

And this next one was a solo sounding which went on a long journey...

Finally, this was a positively ecstatic dance piece by Paul and a participant that made me feel that I was watching Rumi dancing with his Beloved... Yes!


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