Wednesday, 19 June 2013

a response to an artistic action

'David Whyte calls on his poem "Tilicho Lake" in describing artist, author Jerry Wennstrom's creative journey. He defines Wennstrom's encounter with the void as as "the ultimate artistic step." In 1979 Jerry Wennstrom took the ultimate artistic step -- he destroyed his large body of art, gave away his possessions and leapt into a creative void that required deeper faith and "trust in the Great Belonging." 

David Whyte originally offered this testimony in the documentary film, "In the Hands of Alchemy: The Art and Life of Jerry Wennstrom" (Parabola and Sentient Publications videos.)

Jerry Wennstrom destroyed his life's work (all his paintings) when he saw that his art had become a "false god" to him. He looked instead find God and creativity in all that he did in everyday life. Following this experience Jerry lived with only what life presented to him.

In Part One, David Whyte's inspiring discourse is both gripping and challenging. Whyte talks about facing death in all its manifestations. He refers often to Wennstrom's art and his path, but Whyte's wisdom and message is for anyone who has faced the metaphoric death of an identity that no longer served their lives.' in emergence....
....lack of willfulness....


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  1. Destroying your previous work willfully seems a bit narcissistic and just a new mask for an old ego. It seems to me that any enlightened version of oneself is still founded on oneself for better and worse. Even gurus fart when they eat beans.



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