Friday, 13 April 2012

how creativity works

 Every creative journey begins with a problem. It starts with a feeling of frustration, the dull ache of not being able to find the answer. When we tell one another stories about creatvity, we tend to leave out this stage of the creative process. We neglect to mention those days when we wanted to quit, when we believed that our problems were impossible to solve. Instead, we skip straight ahead to the breakthroughs.

A new book out on creativity - Imagine; How Creativity works - by Jonah Lehrer seems to be getting a lot of publicity at the moment.

An excerpt from it about Bob Dylan was published in the Guardian this week:

The Bob Dylan bit is interesting - apparently he got sick of fame early on, and sick of people asking him what his songs meant. He resolved to give up writing songs and took off for a log cabin in the woods. All alone, released from the pressure to create, out came 'Like a Rolling Stone', which he didn't  try to 'create', and which seemed to him to be quite random and strange. It made him want to start writing songs again from a new place....


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