Sunday, 21 August 2011

mystery in accidents


I've been messing around with the Google profile thing, and recently put up five pictures. A friend of mine wrote the following under this image:

I find mystery in accidents, despite the reduced authorship. I love looking at this - it makes my mind work.

Whereupon I wrote back:

It seems to me that it's only in accidents that mystery truly appears (and least in making images). Intention always seems to make something lesser... Why, though, do you see this as accidental (I'm not saying you're wrong, I can tell you later how it was made, but I want to know what you see as accidental about it)?
This made me start thinking about intention again. Mystery in accidents despite the reduced authorship. Only in accidents that mystery truly appears. Do we assume that an artist's intention, or skills/capacities/vision, is the cause of any sense of mystery which may draw us into an image? Or, that intention and vision are in some way a 'higher' cause of mystery and attraction than accidental cause?

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