Wednesday, 8 December 2010

collective drawing

At a recent meeting of the creativity group, we decided that we were going to experiment with tonal drawing; focussing on looking hard at an egg on a white piece of paper, and exploring its tones without the use of lines. In the preamble to doing this, talking about people's different experiences of drawing, someone suggested that before we start on the egg, it might be good to play around with pencil and charcoal. At this, she whipped out a roll of lining paper and stretched it out on the coffee table. Everyone put the sticks of graphite and charcoal they had brought on the table (it's amazing how many people in the group seem to have secret stash of materials, despite apparently not having done a great deal of creative work in recent years...) and the group, as one, just started drawing. We were like a flock of birds suddenly seeing food on a bird table on a wintry morning. As natural as breathing... when only minutes before, the business of 'drawing an egg' had been causing some people a bit of anxiety...

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