Sunday, 28 November 2010


Why do I not have anything to say on my blog for over ten days, and then find myself with an idea every day for a week (three came this morning...)? This is an example, to me, of the workings of human consciousness - in the Indian philosophical sense of mind, body and emotion; the whole of experience - as a complex adaptive system.

When there's been no blog posting for a while, certain pathways begin to decay, or perhaps only to function on some level below conscious awareness. Different aspects of life - internal, external, distributed, focussed, self-organising, accidental - weave in and out of each other, and for whatever reason, the blog is not part of that changing landscape.

But once a post has occurred, suddenly the blog becomes a part of all those shifting, emerging patterns. A thought, instead of occurring and decaying almost instantly, or perhaps being written down in a private notebook, starts to build itself like a snowball. The sense of the blog becomes part of a set of active constraints, which mould and shape various events and interactions as they occur through the day. Eventually, a post appears, seemingly of its own accord, as it's never forced, or crafted from a starting point of intention....

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