Friday, 13 August 2010

hyperbolic coral reef

This is a crocheted coral reef, produced by an American scientist who found that somehow crocheting could reproduce the mathematical laws that produced coral. Or something like that. This picture is from the New Scientist magazine - for Jenny, who made some cool red things over on loveand peas


  1. Woweee! Blows my little creation out of the water (excuse the pun!!) Definitely inspirational material though...thanks tamsin!

  2. No it doesn't! Yours is gorgeous....

  3. speaking of making cool things, i loved your raspberry pieces this week in the colour challenge. at first i was thinking medical, however now that you mention coral, yes i see the underseas references. LOVE them!

  4. Thanks. I'm finding it very refreshing to be doing the colour challenge after all the cogitating you see on this blog! It's interesting that you mention medical. I can see that, especially with it all in red. What I'm doing isn't specifically aimed at being one or the other, but I do seem to be interested in the patterns and forms of nature. One of the things I find most interesting about the stuff I'm doing at the moment is how it stimulates quite different associations in different people. For me that's much more exciting than having my own idea and trying to 'get it across' to other people...



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